I am a woman. I am unique yet just an average woman who has lived a little over half of an average life. I am faithful and true, but I am flawed as everyone else. I love my husband, the love of my life.  This blog is about my journey with him and the cancer that is stealing his life and my love. I promise nothing but honesty on these pages. The good, the bad and the ugly. That is all anyone needs to know right now.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, blueseaglass. We have tried the massage therapy, but when we moved, we lost our therapist. He goes every Wed to our family physicians office and the doctor does deep relaxation therapy. It is amazing to watch the tumors stand up in response to the touch of this man…There is power in the laying on of hands. It is a part of the “art of healing.” So glad for your uncle’s recovery. Miracles do happen and we are still hanging on for one.

  2. I have gained the greatest respect for women and mothers, especially after my wife Mariel died. Its ironic and almost tragic that I had realized this truly only after she has passed away. I find women to be far more loving, courageous and self-sacrificing than us men and husbands such that I have only the highest respect and admiration for them.

    Yes, you are going through one of life’s great challenges but I know you already have everything in you to overcame this. I also offer my prayers and good wishes to you, believing that you will go through this with your usual grace and determination.

    Take care,


  3. Thanks you, Bong.
    I know you are speaking from your experience. Your comment reminds me of what I believe. I believe that God places within us every “treasure” and strength that we need for He knows our lives from the foundations of the earth. I had days when I do not feel that strength, so it is by faith that I have to face these days and know that He is able to carry me….

    Thanks for visiting my blog…and as Roads would say, “Spirits Up”

  4. Just wanted to send my warm wishes for you today- Mother’s Day.

    Mothers a truly precious and are God’s gift to the world. Hope you have a great one today.

    All the best.

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